How to use a brain? Good question, a very good one....

Ugh, I seriously need to check if my brain cells still are where they should be. Maybe martini with hers best friends vodka took permanent damage in this area. Maybe I should start thinking with my brain instead of my squirmy vagina. I'm wondering if my girls part don't switch with my mind. Because latly I think they did. Whatever. I'm happy. Maybe not *OMG I'm so happy I wanna jump all over my room*, but happy as I could be. I've got great friends, whose don't bitch me about my sometimes stupid behavior and accept me for good and for worse. I've got a job, where I met a fuckload of great people, whose maybe soon can become someone more. And I've got my cat. He meows all the time, which should be annoying, but is not, because it's my cat and his name is Edward.

niedziela, 8 listopada 2009


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