Best wishes

Well, yes. Merry Xmas everyone.
I'm beyond exhousted. Sometimes the people you love the most, could kill all christmas spirit.
But well, christmas always will be christmas. So I hope me, you and everyone else will enjoy it.

piątek, 25 grudnia 2009

angry sunday

Fuck you, for not sending alerts.
Fuck you.
I'm disappointed. I'm angry. I'm confused. Seriosly, how hard is it to just ask girl out? Especially when somebody knows, that that girl wanne be asked out? Ugh, and everybody thins men are simple. Not fucking at all.

niedziela, 20 grudnia 2009

winter - I don't like you

Rough week. My head wanna explode. My thougts are running as fast as Edward can and I don't know what to do. I hate those kind of weekends, when I don't know what to do, what do first and what do never. I just wanna crawl in bed and never leave my fluffy pillows again. And it will be nice if someone would bring me coffee, like 3 times a day. Ok, I'm writing nonesensess, so I'll end.
I hate winter. I hate cold. I hate snow. And I hate these fucking icy wind, that sometimes feel like running through my brain. Ok, I really need to turn around and head to bed.

sobota, 12 grudnia 2009

my head hurts like a bitch

Really, totally huge headache. I drink too much coffee and smoke too much cigarettes. Yeah, nothing new. I should do something productive, but at this very moment my idea of "productive" ends in reading Twific. Pathetic. Maybe I need to clean my room? Ehhh, tommorow also will be the day. Right?
I need beer, or martini, or vodka, or... something that has a even a littlle alkohol in it. Ok, I need to shut the hell up and actually go down (the stairs) to make myself a drink. Or 2. And I need to smoke.
I'm disgusting.

wtorek, 1 grudnia 2009

mondays sukcs, a lot.

Why my fucking polish communicator is broken? Why my Ipod earbuds are not working? And why, oh why today is monday? It could be friday. Friday I'm going with my friend, the one that is not obsessed with Twilight, to the movie theatre. Yes, to watch New Moon second time. Oh, and by the way, I get a scholarschip. Not much, but always something. I cried today. Twice. Once while reading 32 chapter CW&IA. Shit, scratch that. I cried 3 times. Two of them was during CW&IA, the last one, ugh, I don;t even know how this oneshot was called, but I cired. I'm too much emotional bitch for my own good. I need waterproof mascara. And maybe a coffee, ekhm, tea, yes, of course I mean tee.

poniedziałek, 23 listopada 2009

Ok. I have something similiar to the biggest hangover in my history. But I live and that's the most important thing. Not so nice, that I have to work, so I'm trying to work, but as you can see I'm doing antyhing trying not to... Hmmm... Yesterday, well technically today I received so so so nice news... Yes, I'm Alice and I can predict the future...

niedziela, 22 listopada 2009

After NM premiere? It left me speechless, which says fucking a lot

So I'm like after New Moon Premiere... It was... awesome, funfuckingtastic? So much better than Twilight? Actually, just after movie I couldn't even form a one word to my best friend, but now I have so much to say... Dialogs? Fuckload ton better. SE? Also, but that was predictable.Well, for me, the movie was so good, that I even standted Jake, and that says a lot.

piątek, 20 listopada 2009

I'm so, so so fucking exhousted. And, just my luck, tommorow will be even worst. I'm glad that I have went to the party friday night. It realle helped with my reset. Not that next day in work was super productive, but anyway, once in a week you just need to cut yourself out and enjoy the party. I hope that this weekend will not be an expection. I really need a good drink, and a good comapny. And I really need get laid. Yes, I said it. My vagina is unfullfield and I have no power owver it.

środa, 11 listopada 2009

How to use a brain? Good question, a very good one....

Ugh, I seriously need to check if my brain cells still are where they should be. Maybe martini with hers best friends vodka took permanent damage in this area. Maybe I should start thinking with my brain instead of my squirmy vagina. I'm wondering if my girls part don't switch with my mind. Because latly I think they did. Whatever. I'm happy. Maybe not *OMG I'm so happy I wanna jump all over my room*, but happy as I could be. I've got great friends, whose don't bitch me about my sometimes stupid behavior and accept me for good and for worse. I've got a job, where I met a fuckload of great people, whose maybe soon can become someone more. And I've got my cat. He meows all the time, which should be annoying, but is not, because it's my cat and his name is Edward.

niedziela, 8 listopada 2009

second thing, I guess

Well, maybe some more informations? Yeah, why not? Poland, pretty shitty country, but I've got lucky and was born in the very best city of Poland. Cracow/cracow/Kraków. Whatever. Probably as you can see, english is not my first language, so I'm going to do a lot of grammarr mistakes. But I think you can handle that, I really hope that you get what I mean, even if there are some grammar issues.
Second thing? Lets say - I'm a little obsessed with Twilight fanfiction. Ok, a little is not a good word to describe it. A lot. I think its even more than my addiction to cigarettes, and belive me, I smoke shitload of them.

poniedziałek, 17 sierpnia 2009

Here I am

Here, sitting in the dark of shining sun and thinking about nothig important to everyone, but specialy important for me. Thinking about present, trying to forget about past and dreaming about future. Will the dreams come true? Will I ever live my happy life? Or will my life be as ordinary as my past? I hope not. Here I am, 21 jaded girl, with no plan for future, except live in good terms with my inner myself.

sobota, 15 sierpnia 2009

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